About Us

Creation of language technologies

Who we are

We are the start-up company specializing in creation of language technologies. Mistakeless is one of the newest our products. Similarly to our other products, Mistakeless will be multilingual.



Co-founder, developer


Co-founder, developer
Senior linguist


Senior linguist
Senior designer


Senior designer

Our Projects

We are involved in creation of wider range on linguistic products:

Plagiarism checking API

The purpose of API for plagiarism checking service is to be able to provide users with the raw plagiarism checking technology for a more cost effective solution.

Target group: wholesale clients

URL: under creation

Plagiarism detection system

Multilingual plagiarism detection system plagramme.com is available worldwide by different trademarks (plag.fr, plag.es, plag.pt, noplagio.it, noplagiat.de, plagia.ru and other).

Target group: students and teachers

URL: www.plagramme.com

E-publishing house

E-publishing house will allow content creators to publish or sell their proprietary works.

Target group: individuals

URL: under construction

Plagiarism prevention service for educational facilities

Plagiarism prevention service for educational facilities will integrate all the specific functions for organization of effective educational process.

Target group: educational facilities

URL: under development

Survey service

Our international survey service will allow users worldwide to easily create, conduct and analyze any survey they need.

Target group: individuals and organizations

URL: under development

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