Privacy Policy


When signing up, the user indicates his/her e-mail, phone number, user name, educational institution, photo. We may ask or save user location information and any other information. The information we collect is used by the for statistical or analytical purposes as well as to contact the user.

Paper Submission

When signed up, user may upload text documents to the system. The document will be scanned for grammar mistakes. When document has been scanned, it may be freely deleted form the system by clicking appropriate button.

Uploaded documents are stored in the system for not less that 3 years.

All uploaded documents are strictly protected from any third party access.

We may track all the user activity data (such as IP address, amount of uploaded documents, connection details, check results and similar data) for statistical and analytical purposes.


The system may use partners’ software:

  1. payment systems (such as paypal, paysera, braintree and other)
  2. information spread by social network (facebook, twitter and other)

These third party software operates on it’s regulations and the system must obey these regulations.

Personal Data

Users may at any time change their personal information by clicking “settings” button. User may change any of the provided personal information. The e-mail address may not be changed.


The user chooses his/her connection password when signing up. User can change his password or use password reminder to generate a new password. There may also be a log-in link in any e-mail letter sent by the system. Users may refuse of receiving any letters (except password reminder) from the system.

Contact Information

Company name: Lingua intellegens, LLC

Address: Gedimino 28/2, LT-01104, Vilnius, Lithuania